DudeBot℠ Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

Effective Febuary 7th, 2021

This Contract governs your access and use of DudeBot℠ and it's other publicly accessable services (collectively known as the Service). The Contract may change without notice. By using the Service, you are signifying that you have read and accepted the Contract. Upon acceptance of the Contract, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the Service. This license may be revoked at any time without official notice. The Service is not and will never be intended for audiences/users under 13 years of age.

You will NOT use the Service for any of the following:

If you use the Service on a Discord guild, you also agree to the following:

When you use the Service, you accept full responsibility for any result or response from the Service and to hold the Service harmless for this result or response. Upon triggering the Service (using a command), it may send the data provided to a third-party service. The information sent will remain anonymous. A list of commands and their corresponding third-party services are below. All commands not listed here do not send the command data to a third-party service. Data provided to first-party commands may be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

#weather: OpenWeatherMap
#oldweather: OpenWeatherMap
#urban: Urban Dictionary
#reddit: Reddit
#IPinfo: KeyCDN
#translate*: Google Translate
#wikipedia: Wikipedia
#wolfram: Wolfram|Alpha
#cleverbot: Cleverbot
#google: Google
#myspace: MYSPACE 93 (Windows 93)
#myspace-user: MYSPACE 93 (Windows 93)

DudeBot℠ is copyrighted material and any part of DudeBot℠ may not be copied or modified without express permission of TheDude53. DudeBot℠ is a common law service mark of TheDude53. The Service is governed and protected by the laws of the United States of America, the state of Minnesota, and international treaties.