Q: DudeBot isn't working!
A: That's not a question, but chances are someone is working on it and DudeBot will be working soon.

Q: DudeBot isn't responding to the command.
A: Check that the command is valid. If it is, DudeBot has probably already sent a bug report and we're notified of the issue.

Q: Discord claims DudeBot is online, yet it isn't responding to any commands.
A: Discord can sometimes delay a bot's status changing, meaning that DudeBot is probably offline.

Q: Why isn't DudeBot available 24/7?
A: Because Heroku only has 550 free hours a month.

Q: I have a suggestion or want to report something.
A: Use the #feedback command. If it isn't available, send a message to us here.
#feedback is not an alternative to contacting your local authorities.

Q: I hate DudeBot
A: Just don't use it then.

Q: I think I'm banned from DudeBot
A: If you're banned, you're banned. That's final.

Q: DudeBot is hard to use
A: DudeBot was designed to be as simplistic as possible. If you still end up like this, feel free to ask for help.