Thoughts, announcements, and more

October 17th, 2020 —

DudeBot's character parsing system has been changed. This will allow emojis to be used in #say and like commands.

October 26th, 2020 —

Not sure if this is important but I ran the code through a beautifier

November 1st, 2020 —

DudeBot should now be able to process multiple requests at once, making it faster for everyone.
In technical terms: DudeBot now processes all messages asynchronously.

November 20th, 2020 —

DudeBot now has an official website! Check it out now at

November 24th, 2020 —

#cleverbot is now a command.

November 24th, 2020 —

It is with great pleasure I announce that, effective December 1st, Google web searching is a command on DudeBot. You can try it out with #google <query>

November 24th, 2020 —

Ok so cool stuff has happened since I abandoned the channel
You can search for MySpace 93 users with #myspace-user and view their profile with #myspace
#math is a thing
You can view people in rooms on Windows 93's trollbox with #users so that's pretty cool (but use jamesBot for this if possible)
So yeah that's basically it

January 17th, 2021 —

i'm back mothafuckas

January 23rd, 2021 —

Happy birthday DudeBot!

January 23rd, 2021 —

January 23rd, 2021 —

The final change of v3.1: underlining links in #urban

January 25th, 2021 —

DudeBot is officially the first bot on Windows 96's MsgRoom! Check it out at

January 27th, 2021 —

January 25th, 2021 —

Translation commands finally support more than one sentence at a time.

January 30th, 2021 —

#google finally works again, and it's better than ever!

January 30th, 2021 —

We are aware that DudeBot is currently unable to send messages in Windows93's trollbox. An inquiry into the matter has been sent and is awaiting a reply.

February 2nd, 2021 —

DudeBot will resume full operation on Windows93's trollbox shortly. Thank you for your patience during this situation.

February 14th, 2021 —

Happy Valentines Day!
To celebrate, we've added holiday messages to #help!

February 16th, 2021 —

DudeBot now comes equipped with onboard Rickrolling capabilities.

February 20th, 2021 —

Tired of dealing with #urban's racist, subjective responses? Try #dictionary today!