A wide collection of services all in one chatbot, optimized for speed and privacy.

Why DudeBot?


DudeBot strives as being a feature-rich bot, with commands ranging from custom files to current weather conditions, and more. If you can think of it, it can be possible with DudeBot.


Some bots log your actions, like changing your nickname or color. DudeBot doesn't track anything, because it isn't our business what you do outside of the bot. It's that simple.

Quality Tested

Every command is throughly tested for response quality and time, making sure that you get the best (and fastest) experience possible. During a 2019 bot attack, DudeBot survived, blocking all attempts at crashing it.


DudeBot's system can quickly adapt to any challenges it faces, allowing it to stay online even when multiple services go offline.

What the community says

actually good bot


[the website] looks nice


noice bot